Created by Cat, Music For Streamers is a regularly updated resource where Twitch streamers can find music for their streams.

There are a few things you need to remember about this site and using music on Twitch in general.

  1. Remember that DMCA are handled by third parties in some circumstances. Just because you have permission does not necessarily mean that you won’t receive a strike.
  2. Your VODS might still be muted as Twitch uses Audible Magic to scan the videos. This does not equate to a copyright strike – Twitch uses this software to protect you as the broadcaster.
  3. You need permission from bands, artists and record labels to use their music. However, song writers, producers etc can still issue a copyright claim. You never know where the claim is going to come from if there is going to be one.
  4. CREDIT YOUR MUSIC – add a !music | !song command – find a player widget that suits you
  5. This music has been given “sync license” (permission from artists / labels) and therefore permission is only for Twitch at this point.
  6. Use your discretion when deciding to use music on your stream
  7. If permission was given publically it is linked under the artists or labels name.
  8. Permission can be revoked by the artist, label or distributer at any time. If there is any issues MFS will do it’s best to communicate that on the @musicforstreams Twitter account.

**** DISCLAIMER ******** By using this website and using any of this database for your stream you acknowledge that the owner is not liable for any claims or strikes that are issued to you on your Twitch account. This information is all researched however, laws, permission, and information changes.